Bachelor of Arts

Applicants seeking admission in the Degree programme are required to qualify the 10+2 examination/ Equivalent conducted by any recognised board.

Professional Courses

Candidates who have cleared Plus Two from any stream are eligible for admission to the BSW course. Students who have completed their degree examination are also eligible for admission in this course.

Women’s College

Located at Upper New Colony, Laitumkhrah and operating from a compact, calm, serene and secure campus, Women's College, Shillong was established in 1984. Aided by a band of committed faculty, the institute, since inception, has been striving hard to translate its maxim Abirabirma Edhi (Radiance unto All) into reality through the spread of education amongst women, in particular, the tribal women belonging to India's north-east. As one of the premiere institutions in the state of Meghalaya, the institute is privy today to draw students from the neighbouring SAARC countries as well.

Education India

Education India, founded by a group of freedom fighters and social and political leaders of Independent India is essentially a tribute to India's 'Swadeshi Spirit'. They believed that the future of India lies in this spirit and as a linguistic minority not-for-profit education trust, Education India envisioned the establishment of institutions of academic excellence in the region that aims at building comprehensive and ethically wholesome individuals. Towards fulfilling that objective the trust currently sponsors and manages three institutions that includes Women’s College.


We aspire to develop our institution as a center of quality learning focussed on empowering women, in particular the tribal women of the region and beyond, by integrating our academics with research oriented and innovation driven exercises designed to make it truly enriching experience.


Our inspiration and dedication is steered by the spirit of our motto, “Radiance Unto All” that means an elaboration of the luminous sphere present in all individuals. Rather than acting merely as a pedagogical laboratory, our mission aims at helping students to discover their true essence.


The National Cadet Corps (NCC) wing of the college remains actively engaged in inculcating a spirit of universal friendship and co-operation among the youth. Our NCC cadets take part in various national, regional and state level integration camps and a number of them have cleared the B level certification test.

Community Service

The National Service Scheme (NSS) unit of the college takes a proactive role in supporting the adopted villages of the college by participating in the various rural developmental works undertaken there. The NSS unit regularly organises special camps and other social service activities in those villages.

President's Message

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From the Presidential Desk

Education sustains growth and is fore bearer of civilisation’s progress. Striving to enhance the knowledge capital through quality education, as such, is a service to the developmental demands in all ages and time. It, therefore, gives me immense satisfaction as President of the ‘Education India Trust’; a linguistic minority institution having its headquarter located in our beloved state of Meghalaya; for the valuable contributions it has been making and continues to make towards servicing the cause of education, in particular, the cause of education of tribal girls of the state and the region.

Quality of education on offer in India, limited exceptions notwithstanding, remains in the words of Sri Aurobindo, "bad in kind and in addition denationalizing, degrading and impoverishing to the national mind, soul and character.....” till date. Ideally, an educational setup should facilitate its receivers to awaken to their own socio-cultural roots. It must also ensure broadening of their worldview. In India, unfortunately, this expectation often stood belied. Instead of awakening one to her roots and expanding her world view, education in India; fundamentally built on an inherited edifice derived out of the Macaulayan construction of education. The impact of such de-rooting in her north-eastern region has indeed been a cause of serious concern. Seven decades and counting since independence and despite a massive lateral expansion, things at the core changed little.

Alive to this scenario and being concerned with it, a group of the then young academic enthusiasts under the stewardship of Prof B. Datta Ray came together to form, about four decades ago, themselves into a coherent group of socio-academic activists. Ready to work towards a common goal in which reshaping the educational vision with the objective of bringing about an all-round change in the educational domain through serious restructuring in both content and form, the group registered itself as a Society by the name ‘Education India Society”. To work for the desired objectives, the young group commenced with a civil society initiative to create new literature on education in which a synthesis of educational philosophy and thoughts of both the orient and occident was accorded a key place. The group was convinced that adequate blending of tradition and modern education must have to be ensured to achieve the desired objective of a systemic reform if education has to deliver the goods. To give a concrete shape to its vision and mission using the new literature it was working for, the group also decided to create, take over and re-orient as many institutions as it can under its creative fold and empower them to work coherently for fulfilment of its desired objectives.

As such, it indeed is a matter of pride for me that since the very inception to begin with as a Society and its subsequent rechristening as Trust, the ‘Education India Trust, has relentlessly been striving to create institutions of excellence in its pursuit to create a new social order based on justice and equity through dissemination of knowledge of the right kind. Shillong Academy, Shillong, Women’s college, Shillong and Women’s College Higher Secondary, Shillong are currently the institutions it had setup and running under its ambit at present. It is indeed heartening that Women’s College, Shillong, a second cycle NAAC reaccredited institution is now counted amongst the premiere educational institutions in the state of Meghalaya.

Education, it is common knowledge, undergoes transformations over time both in its form as also in its content. The vibrancy of any educational setup essentially draws its sustenance from its ability and preparedness to accommodate newer ideas and adjust itself accordingly to cope up with the fresh challenges such changes are likely to prop up. The changes taking place in the domain of education in this twenty first century, however, has often been beyond perceivable limits of many educational setups. The challenges it put forward, therefore, also remain often and for various educational setups across the globe, formidable on many counts.

It is being sincerely hoped that the untiring efforts the management, faculty and other staff members associated with Education India Institutions give towards smooth running and continuous uplift of its credentials would, in the days to follow, shall always be upheld. May the institution rise to newer glories in its striving for better education eventually paving the path towards having a society based of justice and equity.

(B. B. Dutta)

President, Education India Trust