“There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly”

Buckminster Fuller

We welcome with open mind the women who intend to be pioneers, ready to hone their thoughts and expressions; who dare to dream, fulfil aspirations and can inspire others to dream and thus take strides along the line. We believe in the strength and power in every woman and thus our endeavour is solely to bring to light their potentialities. In today’s world, our vision and mission bear relevance and inspire us to carry out our responsibilities as friends, philosophers and guides to contribute with them to build a better society. With the kind of professional expertise that our Institution has, we help build a strong conceptual foundation and equip the students with the confidence and strength to face the challenges in life. Our Institution also caters to career guidance and offers opportunity to pursue dual degree programmes. With a set of qualified, competent and compassionate staff of our Institution combined with the vibrant energy of the students during their formative period of life, Women’s College is the springboard whence students take off to the dream life; it is where one can learn to learn, use their mind more and more and help discover a new self...