departmetnt of Social Work


A Brief Profile of the Department

Department of Social Work was established in the college, in 2008, as a part of its academic expansion plan. Starting with Two Faculty, Ms. Magrisha D. Lyngdoh Sawkmie and Ms. Parkordor Kharkongor, the department now has five faculty members. This is the first professional education department in the college. The department has to its credit a number of university toppers almost every year.

Ms. Parkordor Kharkongor, M.S.W., UGC NET, joined the Department of Social Work as Lecturer, in June, 2008. Currently, Head, Department of Social Work, Ms. Kharkongor is a member of certain committees of the college.

Ms. Fatima Tariang, M.S.W., joined the college as a Lecturer in the Department of Social Work, in June, 2009. Specialized in HR management, she had worked as HR Executive at Bangalore prior to joining this college, for a period of two years. She is involved with various activities of the college.

Ms. Ibansara Mylliengap, M.S.W., UGC NET, joined this college as Lecturer in the Department of Social Work, in April, 2012. She is the Care Taker Officer of the NCC unit of the college and takes interest in other activities of the college.

Mr. Mathew Ma Hanah, M.S.W., joined the college in May, 2013. He is an active member of different committees.

Ms. Alethea Gasanee Ranee, M.S.W., UGC NET, has been rendering her service as a social work teacher, since June, 2013. Apart from academics, she helps in the other activities of the college.